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Monday, August 29, 2005

Professione: reporter (1975) - part2 - Michelangelo Antonioni

So this is my last 12 frames taken from Professione: reporter
aka The Passenger by Michelangelo Antonioni.

13 -
I think that Professione: reporter is the last great masterpiece of Antonioni. Afterwards he lost himself. Come on, who wants to see again Beyond the Clouds ? You should read his short stories instead - That Bowling Alley on the Tiber issued notably in 87 by Oxford University Press.

14 -
15 -
16 -
Even though i'm very fond of Antonioni's cinema (La Notte is one of my favourite movie ever), i have to admit that this movie has its ups & downs. The first hour seems to dragging on and on. But you'll be rewarded when Jack Nicholson meets Maria Schneider. Have i wrote something wrong ?

17 -
18 -
19 -
20 -
Check this interview in 2001 by Maria Schneider on the Movie Magazine International website.

21 -
22 -
23 -
24 -

The complete Passenger's script has been issued by Applause Theatre & Cinema Books in 1986.
Will we have to wait for Antonioni to die to see him honoured as he should be ?

I remember in the 80's and most part of the 90's when it was really difficult to see his movies & find any books about his movieworks.
He is really the last great world director alive of his generation. thank you.
A reporter arrives at a desert hotel, in a North African country, to report on the guerrilla freedom-fighters there. He meets a man who dies suddenly, and who resembles the reporter so much, that he decides to change identities with the dead man - to escape his personal problems, and more. The life is of a man is made of his ingrained habits, and that will haunt him, as he tries to start a new relationship with a young, strange woman he subsequently meets...
Summary written by Artemis-9

These frames are taken from a Broadcast on Arte in 1994.

bonus -

Next friday, i will begin a special Month Extravaganza to celebrate Greta Garbo's 100th birthday on September 18th. That means that every friday this September will be dedicated to one of her movies not released on DVD, even in the new Signature Collection Box Set.

bye bye now...
See you next friday.

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