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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Rain People (1969) - part1 - Francis Ford Coppola

"Another movie, another planet".
Could you believe that there are still movies from great director Francis Ford Coppola to be released on DVD ?
So this time we'll take a close up on his first unforgettable movie made in 1969 The Rain People aka Les Gens De La Pluie. It was the first movie produced by American Zoetrope, the independent film production company that he co-founded with George Lucas.

00 -

Of course this low key road movie hasn't been seen often at the time of its release and is still difficult to see. The only VHS release was in 1993.

01 -
02 -
03 -
04 -
This movie wouldn't be so remarkable without Shirley Knight.
May be you have seen her in Sweet Bird Of Youth (1962) with Paul Newman. Or was it in The Group (1966) by Sydney Lumet ?

05 -
06 -
07 -
08 -
For his first major movie, the Cinematographer Bill Butler did a great job of composing subtle light harmonies. It is strange that he will be more famous for Jaws or Grease. At last he did Demon Seed aka Proteus Generation !!

09 -
10 -
11 -
The year after Shirley Knight will abandon Hollywood (or was it the opposite ?) only to return in TV dramas.
How could that be when you look at these frames ?

12 -

This was the first 12 frames i'll post of this movie.
Next monday you'll see the last 12.
In the meantime, any comments will be appreciated.

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